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Continuous Improvement

Six Sigma Philosophy
Variation is the enemy of any manufacturing organization. It leads to rework, scrap, and premium freight, all of which are significant customer dissatisfiers. Six Sigma methodologies serve to identify these areas of variation, isolate root cause, and verify solution. This method incorporates a rigorous analytical approach to eliminate the problem areas in all parts of the business. As part of our staff, IV-S has certified Six Sigma Black Belts to incorporate these methods into daily activities, and we believe this philosophy will allow us to deliver a higher quality product at lower cost resulting in complete customer satisfaction.


• Lean Manufacturing
- Manufacturing Flow
- Organization
- Process Control
- Metrics
- Logistics

• 5-S
- A place for everything and everything in its place.

• Six Sigma
- The relentless pursuit of variance reduction
- Better, Faster, Cheaper
- Variation – the enemy of customer satisfaction
- Provides common measurement and common goals
- Encourages a common vision shared by all
- Promotes teamwork
- Combines aggressive goals with a method and a set of tools


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